Traktor Pro HID Support


I don’t see why you would buy a pair of SC5000’s for Traktor HiD. You degrade your sound quality by such a huge amount doing that. Traktor’s key-lock algorithm destroys sound quality (especially high end), while the Denon players sound awesome up to 25% speed difference.

And my guess is you will also hear the difference whitout key-lock, because Traktor’s internal sound engine is crap, and got even worse when they went multicore (all versions after 2.6.8). On top of that, USB will most likely interfere with your sound quality (long story, google it). If you have a good mixer, ok speakers and a couple of decent ears you will hear this instantly when AB testing with stand alone players. Gets even worse when you AB test it on bigger sound systems.

I basically always wondered why my sets sounded so muddy compared to the CDJ’s before or after me. Traktor is why. That’s why i bought a pair of SC5000’s. And that’s why i don’t care about HiD. Hopefully NI will fix things a bit when they’ll redo the software from scratch, which they announced. Probably still won’t fix the problems they can not solve (like USB port quality).

Just buy the SC5000’s @sussudio. And stop using Traktor. Switching is super easy and fast. And as a bonus you won’t be looking at a laptop screen anymore during your sets. Which makes DJ’ing a lot more fun. :slight_smile:


There’s quite a few points why I don’t want to give up Traktor (at least now):

  • Traktor has worked GREAT for me for almost 10 years now
  • Traktor has DVS and I still use it frequently. The ability to control all sources (including the SC5000) in one software would be convenient (especially for syncing multiple decks)
  • I have analyzed thousands of tracks and ten thousands of set cue points and loops. While transferring those with the Denon Conversion Utility worked great for me it would still require to maintain two collections (Engine and Traktor) and keeping both in sync back and forth.
  • I occasionally use Maschine with my setup (connected via Ableton Link). It’s not possible to sync that to just the SC5000s
  • Traktor’s effects and mapping system are awesome. There’s so many possibilities awaiting if the SC5000 becomes HID supported and also MIDI mappable (just imagine using the 8 pads for instant effect combos :slightly_smiling_face:

I do understand that it’s my personal workflow and not everyone needs that. But on the other hand, does Traktor integration harm anyone?

Concerning sound: When using a proper audio interface (I have the Rane MP2015) there’s no degradation in sound quality at all. I checked that with the SC5000s connected to the same mixer. You are right about the time stretch algorithm, though.

Concerning “Serato face”: I mainly use two Kontrol D2s, so I never have to look at the laptop screen. A proper HID integration for the SC5000 would be similar.


@Sevenkami, the thing is: I would like to do both. Play as much as possible on the SC5000s in standalone mode, while still have the abillity to access my 60K song library. As a wedding DJ, I’d like to be able to quickly find any song that grandmother would like to hear, as well as well as keep te youngsters happy. Also I don’t want to be forced into an abrupt change to my workflow.

But: let’s not make this a discussion about what way (or brand, or software) is the best way of DJ-ing, because that will completely differ for each individual.

This is more about the expectations I have (and expectations both Denon and Native Instrument have risen) about what these players could do and about how integration with third party software (like Traktor) would be possible. As said before: the players still not even support basic MIDI.

If Denon and Native Instruments work together in the same way Pioneer and NI did for the last update, we can expect full integration including full color waveforms and my laptop would be put all the way to the side, because I would only have to look at it when searching for requests :slight_smile:


Amen :slight_smile:


“I don’t see why you would buy a pair of SC5000’s for Traktor HiD. You degrade your sound quality by such a huge amount doing that. Traktor’s key-lock algorithm destroys sound quality (especially high end), while the Denon players sound awesome up to 25% speed difference.”

I personally wouldn’t use the SC5000s with a laptop except for maybe track off-loading sometimes over Link if that were ever added, but the comment about sound quality should maybe have a caveat added: Traktor lets you completely turn off its keylock algorithm if you want to which you can’t on the SC5000 now, and even if you don’t turn it completely off in Traktor, in positive pitch or near zero its audio processing is much better than the SC5000 currently. Hopefully this will be fixed on the Denon in the next update, but I thought it should be mentioned here.

It’s also possible to turn off moving waveforms and BPM counters in Traktor, as well as customize the browser columns. So there are quite a few differences in the customer experience with the software versus player in standalone mode. This is not even getting into the issue that the competition can already use their players as sound cards, which is a little weird to be lagging on from a marketing standpoint IMO.

Edit: Actually, since the SC5000 drivers don’t work in Windows 7, I am not actually sure anymore if they are yet able to be sound card outputs or not.


Maybe it would help if anyone interested in Traktor HID support for the SC5000 would give a like to the topic I created over at NI forums:

NI seems to listen carefully to their customers these days. A lot of likes helped the XDJ-1000MK2 support request to make it to the top of their priority list - at least that’s what they say.


The current driver for the SC5000 only has HID implemented, so: no, they cannot be used as a USB soundcard at the moment.


Yes it looks like native instruments listens to their customers. They added some controllers as well as some mixers got the scratch certification lately.

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