Traktor Playlist conversion issue

Hey guys, I’m having serious issues with transferring my library/playlist from Traktor to prime 4. I have over 10K tracks and update it constantly. I was able to upload my collection with analyzation option turned off in the Prime software because most of the songs would end up with the wrong tempo track. basically I import my Traktor playlist in Prime software, then add it to the Prime playlist, then upload/sync to the prime 4. Updating the playlist is way more difficult than it should be. Especially when I upload a new playlist and find out the songs in the list are not correct. they have the right tags but wrong song attached to the tag.

Does anyone have any success with transferring the Traktor library to Prime 4? I’ve had the player for over 2 months hand have not been able to truly use it… I have even thought about selling it and purchasing the DDJ 1000 instead.

please if anyone can help, it would be much apreciate it.