Traktor Mapping

Hi Guy’s

I’ve a problem with Traktor mapping of MC7000 on my Windows 10 laptop. First of all that work fine with my Mac Mini, I follow the instruction and all work fine. But on my Windows laptop, all work fine but in Output Routing I cannot select the MC7000… I only have 1, 2, 3 and 4… But nothing about the MC7000 like on my Mac… Any idea of why that don’t work ?

Check the windows asio drivers for mc7000

I’ve install the Windows driver dowloaded from the Denon website. Ils ont not enough ?

Thos should be enough. Check how Your device manager sees the mc7000.

Shame on me… I download the Traktor 3 mapping (instead of Traktor 2) and now it’s ok… But the configuration is not completely the same as Mac…