Traktor library sync

I was wondering approimately how long it takes for Engine Prime to read a Traktor library? I know it will vary greatly depending on number of tracks, number of cue points and how many are analyzed, but I’m trying to get an estimate. I have about 40,000 tracks analyzed and cued and I’ve been waiting a couple hours so far and it’s still working. Does this seem like a reasonable amount of time or should I force quit and try my luck again?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Let it run. If you’re concerned as to whether it’s hung up, click on the bar on the bottom right and it brings up the job monitor, telling you what it’s doing and how far it has to go.


Ironically, it finished like 3 minutes after I posted this. Thanks for the info though. I’ll check the job monitor next time.

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Be aware 40,000 tracks is a lot so unless Denon finds a way to shorten the rescan time, which I hope they do, it will take that long each time you make new playlists and updates in Traktor and refresh the database in Engine Prime.

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I think from this point I’ll add from explorer and do the analyzing and cue points through Prime. I just wanted to get the bulk of my library imported through Traktor.

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I do my sorting and such in iTunes and export to rekordbox, Engine Prime & Traktor. If you only need Engine Prime then you’re all set. :slight_smile: