Traktor dj 2 released, coming to the sc5000m?

in traktor dj 2 (released 28.05.2019) the hot cue pads are layed out like that of the denon sc5000, is this a clue that traktor support is coming via this unusually lite version of traktor?

I highly doubt NI designed their software with Denon in mind and quite frankly I would much rather a professional high-end model (TP3) to have support for my high-end Prime gear than the “lite” version that seems to be put out for the beginners. Just my thoughts.

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Thought i read they went full circle in terms of Traktor DJ will replace Traktor Pro at some point in the future…maybe i misunderstood the promo details.

Something in the line of a total rewrite.

It looks cleaner and might be less daunting to new users anyways.

This is what I heard also. Maybe as they update it will become more robust.

With stand alone decks eating away at the sort of benefits which used to be only available to laptop DJs, I’d imagine that Native Instruments and serato are shitting themselves right now and would be running around trying anything to get some extra percentage slice of the market

No their not, remember any half decent standalone gear starts from around £700. A mid-level controller costs what, a couple of hundred pounds (GBP).

To get the feature level on standalone as with controllers you’re talking more like £900-1100 for the SC5000’s. Do you know many bedroom DJ’s that can afford that? Didn’t think so… There is still plenty of room in the market for DJ software and controller combinations.

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Well, yes they are.

There’s no denying that there’s more stand alone choice of models now than two years ago. In comparison, there’s little difference, change or improvement in the midi controller market.

Midi controllers, well some of them, are cheaper than stand alone controllers but add a laptop thTs powerful enough to give low latency for Dj ing on and the price then more or less doubles.

I didn’t say that stand alones had replaced every midi controller in the land but just read how many people have posted that they want to be DJing without a laptop, thT the appeal of the Primes is being laptop free,

when DJs start buying things that don’t need laptops, then the number of DJs using laptops goes down. That when, has already started.

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This was my first thought too … but …

Even a standalone controller (like the P4) needs a PC/laptop for proper track management. While it might need slightly lower specs when it doesn’t have to do a “performance” mode, it can’t be totally discounted. So I am guessing @JonnyXDA’s point holds for the most part as the laptop/pc is not a need/need not item, but a need anyway one.

Just my three cents as usual.

As you say, a laptop bought for track management can be some humble little i3 with a meagre dose of memory chips, full of factory-loaded bloatware. Probably less than €400 euros would cover it, or some old household laptop from yesteryear would cope with engine Prime - unlike the sort of i5 or i7 Ferrari modded and optimised “virgin” laptop that you’d need for live DJing on an app.

a quick look at my task manager tells me that the new traktor is only using 5% of my cpu including all other back ground tasks, and only 325mb of system memory.

i would say they are getting ready to release there own standalone technology as even your toaster could run it.

here you can see the pads layed out like the denon, HID mode?

It would be a very interesting twist to see Traktor, who has been closing off it’s ecosystem for years now, suddenly not only opening up to other companies gear, but even contemplate that support into their new software.

I expect Traktor to go standalone in the next year or so once they’ve developed a wider set of core features. Other than iOS/PC/Mac I think the software will only appear on their own NI hardware.

Doesn’t look anything like a threat right now, but remember how fast Rekordbox developed from a simple curiosity to a top tier platform.

This is why Denon need to keep the pace up on the software front. They need to remain several steps ahead by the time those sleeping giants wake up and release something similar.

Serato will probably have to enter the space with a standalone platform as well. Having no real hardware experience they’ll likely partner with a few different companies.

When I saw Denon buy SoundSwitch and start hiring in NZ I actually got my hopes up that Denon/Inmusic might buy Serato and merge to become a really formidable competitor to the Pioneer installed base. A Serato Prime software platform sounds pretty good to me!