Traktor Collection Smartlists (not imported?)

Hi all, I’m a Traktor user looking to migrate to Denon Prime 4. Whilst I’d love HID support (Virtual DJ style) so I can maintain collection in Traktor and use HID on CDJs as required at some gigs, I’m working through importing Traktor collection to Engine Prime and it’s functionality that way. NML import seems simple enough and load each high level folder as a crate. One hurdle seems to be Traktor smartlists are not brought over. Is this a known issue? Any workarounds people have?


Hello @jakarl Welcome to the forum. So far there are no smart lists in Engine Prime. This is however requested by many users. Search the forum, there should be a proper feature request already made. Support the idea by giving the like (heart) at the original post, so the development team will know, that more people want the smart lists to be done. This will maybe push the idea further :slight_smile:

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There are no smart lists right now - the feature has been suggested, bit suggestions don’t always make it to firmware.

You can vote for the suggestion in the feature request part of the forum

Well, I just said that :wink:


Hi, thanks for the welcome. Great if it comes as a Smart Playlist once they are implemented but I just want the playlists brought into Engine, doesn’t need to be a Smartlist there.

Looking for solution to manage collection in Traktor still but duplicate it in whole to Engine.

Is there a way to get them loaded as standard playlist?

You could use Rekordcloud. It’s a multi-library conversion tool and dozens of other features

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Like the first post to vote (applies for every request). And welcome

No mention of Traktor to Prime in the info

Thanks @addie , I’ll add my like there, but what I want now though is to get Traktor playlists (including it’s smart playlists) into Engine in any form. If I could write out a standard set of playlists or something from Traktor it might help.

Your standard playlist should go, but smart features not just yet. Try to import and see what goes good.

Yeah that’s exactly it. The standard ones do. Reaching out for any thoughts/workarounds to get Traktor smart playlists over to Engine as standard ones. Manually I can Select all & drag/drop for each playlist but that’s a pain each time.

Guess I shouldn’t be so ‘smart’ =)

The without of Rekordcloud only added engine prime compatibility in the last few weeks. I don’t think he’s updated his website to reflect that yet