Traktor beatgrids are off when importing to engine dj software

Hi, When importing my Traktor analyzed collection into Engine DJ software, the beatgrids are all off and not reflected correctly as shown in traktor. Is it possible to import Traktor’s beatgrids to show up correctly in Engine DJ software? Any help or suggestions is appreciated. thx.


Check that amazing post from Mufasa out:


What you have to bear in mind is that importing grid/cue (etc) data from another program requires it to be translated, because every program uses different code to define the locations.

Therefore, in much the same way as translating the spoken/written word, often an exact precise translation is not possible.

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This analogy is completely invalid. Transfer from computer system to computer system is a direct format conversion, and should take into account variance in encoding formats. The input and output should be 1-1. Language translation is about translating meaning, and as a result, is not likely a 1-1 translation ever, and is subjective. Exact system-system digital translation is absolutely possible, and in fact, is the standard.

  • Source: I am a software engineer.
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dedicated commercial conversion softwares are finding this an issue…wish it want so but it is what it is.

I still use Traktor as my primary Prep software and only use Engine to export to player. Unfortunately Engine DJ insists on reanalyzing beatgrids. Fortunately, handy third party software such as Lexicon exists and will copy your complete library over, beatgrids and all.

What, even if auto analysis is turned off?

Get Lexicon. You’re welcome. Enjoy.

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Are you telling me about Lexicon ? :sweat_smile:

Amazing software BTW.

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