Traktor 3 mapping for SC5000/M

Hello, Here is my latest mapping for Traktor 3 with SC5000/SC5000M

Whats NEW: Preview Player - SHIFT + EJECT LOOP IN/OUT - CDJ style loop in/out adjust (IN + JOG, OUT + JOG) To Exit LOOP push loop encoder Corrected some minor bugs.

other usual stuff works like on SC5000 and my previous mappings.

To use it with 2 decks: Load the TSI file. Set the deck focus of to ‘Deck A’ and the in- and out- ports to Your single SC5000 Prime Add another configuration - loading the same TSI file again. Set focus to Deck B and in- and out- port to the second SC5000 Prime

For single deck and all 4 layers - run the single import and leave the DECK FOCUS on FOCUS.

SC5000 by Noise Riser 1.2.5.tsi (646.3 KB)