Traktor 3 landed with some new features, will anyone create a mapping for them?

Hi, Some new features came with Traktor 3 like the new mixer FX and the reverse playback, will anyone create a new mapping to support these new features?

I hope there is a way to map the jog wheel led timing when playing a track, I try the demo but it seems non new function to map it, but if you look the new N.I s4 mk3 had the light timing around the aptic jog

By anyone I assume you mean anyone at Denon update the official mapping? Chances are slim. Just watch DJTT Maps or Traktor Bible, someone will update a custom mapping sooner or later. Or learn how to do it yourself, that’s half the fun of Traktor (and these new features should be easy to map)

Track position LED feedback around the jogwheel is a feature reserved for NI controllers in their native mode and is not possible to map in regular MIDI mode by users. Seems NI didn’t add that midi commands in TP3 version.

Some manufacturers added special midi modes to their controllers where the firmware of the controller controls the lights when used with non-native software to solve that problem.

As long as there is an official tsi i would like Denon to create the new one just to ensure compatibility. I don’t think that they will need more than 2 hours to αdress that.

Existing tsi can be used with TP3 so compatibility is there.

What I mean is that I can’t be sure if any unofficial mapping will work as it supposed to without breaking any other function.

By the way if you can help me to map the filter FX selection while I press Shift and rotating the Filter knob I would appreciate that. Am not so good at mapping but as far as I understand you have the knowledge.

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