Tracks unmarked or incorrectly marked on MCX8000 when exported with engine prime 1.4 beta 1

  • Beta Build Version: 1.4 beta 1

  • **Computer OS & Build:**Windows 10 version 1909

  • **Steps to Reproduce:**I charge a track and play it, then I load another one and I play it and so on until I play about 5 tracks or more

  • **Expected Result:**The tracks played are shown in blue

  • **Actual Result:**some played tracks are shown in blue others in green and some of the played tracks are shown again in white

  • **Reproducibility:**all times

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info:

  • Link to Video Repro:

sorry if it’s not the right place but I don’t know if it’s a mcx8000 error or something in the way of exporting in prime 1.4 beta 1 engine and that’s why I also posted it as a mcx8000 bug