Tracks turn red

Hello everybody. I need some help in understanding what is happening. Before diving in I want to preemptively state that I have deleted and re-downloaded/installed Engine prime to fix the problem. It hasn’t worked. Hoping to get some answers.

I buy my music on Beatport, move the tracks to a custom folder on my Mac named “Beatport Music” and take tracks from that folder and drop it into my engine library. Days later I’ll boot up my Mac to download more tracks to add to my USB, BUT a lot of my tracks will become red. Stating that the file has become corrupt. I then have to go back to my folder, re-drop the tracks and delete the “corrupt” track? How can I get this to stop? This isn’t a problem on my ‘09 MacBook running El Capitan, but is a problem on my ‘19 iMac running Catalina. PLEASE HELP!!!

Red tracks are not corrupt. They are Missing.

EP is telling you that the tracks are no longer in the location they were in when you add the track to Engine Prime.

A file can be “missing” if you change the name of the file, move it to another folder, remove the storage,

No which of these do you do?

None. I don’t use external hard drives and like I said I move all my music into the custom created folder, then drag and drop them into Engine Prime. I use the sync to USB feature but that’s about it. Other than that I don’t do anything with the original file once it’s been dropped.

Try rebuilding your database

Rename the engine folder in my music to something else

Start up Engine Prime , you should have a blank library

Drag your music files to engine prime again

See if anything goes red