Tracks shorter and speed not correct - waveform gone

Hi all, My first problem is that on A LOT of tracks the waveform is not in sync or dissapear in the song while it is playing . Also the total track time is not correct , for example a track of 6 min displays on prime 4 as 2:30 min ! but plays without waveform the 6 minutes !! Second problem is that some tracks loading an a speed much to low or to high and I cannot correct it in Prime 4… Also i start a song , the waveform starts and the music seconds later…Looking also at faulty analyzing , the track is correct in Serato and is not good in Engine prime which is updated to the latest version 1.3.3

What can i do ? the music is coming out of Serato and plays there CORRECT . I try to clarify with videos . Thanks for helping ! Here is the link - only 1 week available !

Hi @DirkDeVil,

May I ask you what firmware version is installed in your Prime 4? I had the same problem with my unit, I think I was still running the first Beta of firmware 1.4.0. The USB flash drive I was using had been “packed” by EP 1.3.2 and reverting to a USB flash drive packed by 1.3.1 fixed the problem. See my post in here --> (Engine Prime v1.3.2 Now Available!). Sometime later, Prime 4 firmware version 1.4.0 Beta 2 was made available, as was EP 1.3.3. I update to both new versions and did not experience this crazy behaviour since. I’m not quite sure which update fixed the problem, but it may have been BOTH.

Hi and thanks for your feedback,

The prime is on 1.3.2 firmware and the internal ssd drive was packed with EP 1.3.2. Last night I installed EP 1.3.3 an by starting the app, it immediately start to (re)analyze the files on my pc . I did NOT connect yet the P4 because I don’t know what the software is gonna do … updating all the files (+15000) again,… not sure in front that after the analysis the faulty files are updated… Maybe I can install the EP on my second Mac and just add some few files to (the faulty one) to see what the behavior is … To be honest , I am new at P4 and the software … and I don’t know what to do anymore to be working the right way … Should I : Reformat the drive , add all the songs again , than analyze by EP . OR reformat the drive , analyze all my music locally on macbook by EP and than copy the files to the SSD P4… With firmware I leave on the P4 ? and which version of EP should I use … Also don’t forget : all the imported music in P4 is coming out of Serato Pro which is working PERFECT … Is it maybe better to import straight and not from Serato crates ??

A pity , the P4 is very nice , but the EP is toooo buggy !

Thanks and hoping Denon is helping to :slight_smile:

I have included a feature request yesterday, that may be inline with what you are experiencing. (Clear and complete instructions on the inner workings of EP)

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