Tracks keep getting taken out of crates

okay so this is really baffling me now - I keep putting my tunes into crates then carefully selecting tunes into my playlist - I then sync it with my usb then plug into my prime 4, make new cues and loops reorder the track list to my liking but then when i eject my usb from my controller and sync it back to my prime library on my laptop I load of tracks in red and low and behold they have been totally removed - definitely not by me!

Only way I can see to get them back to where they should be is to readd them again from my hard drive which means that I have to reanylse them again and move the beatgrid back to where it should be and this is loooong -

surely I shouldn’t be playing russion roulette each time I try to sync my usb?!

The fun part … maybe the Prime 4 is a choice picker then it comes to Music taste :wink:

Are you using the new Engine Prime 1.6 and have the newest Firmware to the Prime 4?

lol yeah I do have a lot of gabba and breakcore lol

I think Ive worked out what was going wrong - nothing to do with the sync - I didnt realise that engine prime relies on the files being physically in the same folder on my pc - I was moving them around to have a tidy up and when I just realised what was happeing I moved tghe files back into the original folders and the red went to white again

now I k now it it is rather obvious - feel like a proper noob now lol

maybe it would be a good thing for dennon to do a nice little video explaining how the file structure works and relates :wink:

so the question is now - how do I change the file path that engine prime is looking for if I decide I want to change say a file name/folder or move some files to a different place?

right so ive done a little research and it seems I need to edit sqlit so Iv got an open source editor I just need a how to so that I can understand where to find the sqlite file and then how to edit it ?

tia =)

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Kindly add your voice and vote to the request for THE MISSING FILE MANAGER which is long overdue.

I move my files around as well, This is one of the many reasons I still do my library management in Serato.

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