Track tempo / screen sped up & sound output playing faster than it should

So a strange issue here, only happened the once but caught me off guard.

Playing a song at 122 BPM. However the main track waveform was moving AND the outputted sound playing at a bpm of ~126.

You can see in the below photo the waveform at the bottom shows where the track position should be if it was playing at its normal speed. Tempo set to 0% and the track was set as “master” just to ensure it wasn’t picking up a rogue tempo from elsewhere.

  • Firmware is the latest for the Players.
  • Player connected to X1800 & another SC5000 via the X1800 connection.
  • This player was playing a track from a USB on the other player from the front slot.
  • Track had been analysed in EP.

Depending on the history/source of the file, it’s worth stripping ALL the metadata of the track tags, re-analyse the track and try playing it again.

If it then all works fine, simply edit the tags which you need eg: Artist name, track title etc.

(Reason: Some programmes rip/tag files incorrectly and the tag data can bleed into other tags, some of which relate to how the track plays. eg: Imagine a 40 character tag being saved into the header where only 32 characters are supposed to go… those extra 8 characters could cause havoc in the field(s) which they overflow into. )

Actually just on my way back to post that this was the issue when I saw this post… :smiley:

Seems somewhere alone the line EP had laballed this track with the incorrect data & stored the wrong waveforms along with it. Re-importaing track info and analysing again resolved the issue.