Track re-analysis: wrong KEY don't change

On the track re-analized the value KEY don’t change until I delete the value manually. In the video sample I manually set an incorrect value that the reanalysis did not correct! This is a bug?

See video

I believe this is intentional, so that Engine DJ does not overwrite keys from other software such as Mixed in Key.

If you want to ensure you are using Engine DJ keys you can delete all the ‘initialkey’ tags with a program like MP3Tag and then re-analyse the tracks.

I tryed with MP3Tag for Mac and “initialkey” tag don’t have value…

I believe that “Engine” should detect the correct “KEY” when a reanalysis is forced and, don’t just read the id-tag of mp3

Just to confirm if you are adding initial key to MP3Tag the key value is: %initialkey%

I haved used Yate for Mac and finally I have see the Initial Key. Thanks