Track rating on prime 4 itself

I’ve found a topic from 2019 in which the person asks, if you can rate tracks on the Prime 4 itself. And the person from Denon says it’s not possible. On all Pioneer’s it’s possible, and I am used to it, really handy. :slight_smile: I would like to suggest it as a feature request!


There are numerous requests about this. Not all have been marked as “non-achievable” like the one you refer to. :relieved:

Please like the other ones to make your preference known.

Ah ok thx. Well I tried looking for them, but couldn’t find them, that’s why I made my own :wink: I must say, the search function doesn’t work that well, or people write it in such a different way it’s harder to find :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Yeah keywords are ehm key… Search for “track rating”, several show. However, they’re scattered between Engine Prime, SC5000, Prime4 topics.

As for own and unique requests, open the Feature Requests section and use the given template. That’s the only way to make devs/staff known. It’s been set in place to track requests that would otherwise be lost in the normal discussion. Bug Reports work that way also.

Hoe is het verder in Utrecht? :wink:

Thx for the tip and explanation!

Haha, goed hoor, waar zit jij dan? :wink:

Gorinchem . .

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