Track preview

When there will be an update to gat track preview on the prime 4


Now they have it Prime 2 hoplefully we will have it on Prime 4 soon Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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You’ve posted this same request in other places on the forum already yes?

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Yes Denon the Prime 4 should ASAP have an update for track preview!!! I don’t know why it wasn’t part of the last update. That’s a big feature to have.You guys are killing it don’t screw it up now.

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how many posts of double requests! But read the previous posts or write a right case to open a new post?

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They now release a beta for soundcloud compatibility without adding track preview. was it really more important? strange policy.

Some people have been screaming for soundcloud streaming since about 4 minutes after Tidal streaming got announced. Denon are simply listening and reacting to users.

Look through the old old posts here on forum . Track preview didn’t get more than the occasional mention until track preview got added to the prime SC players

Too bad. I guess track preview is a much more important feature for the general users. Hopefully they add it sooner or later.