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My players have strange behaviors on track preview. If i’m on the B-layer, the track preview sound go out of the A-layer mixer. Of course my cable connection is ok.

Just to be clear the normal behavior should be TrackPreviewA go to MixerA and TrackPreviewB go to MixerB

Why TrackPreviewB go to MixerA ?

Anyone has an idea ?

It’s ehm a “handy feature” that was introduced a while back to play on the non-active layer automatically. But if both are non-active and you preview on layer B, it goes … to … layer A.

I agree with your thoughts on this btw.

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This is ridiculous. Can we turn off this feature ?

Only someone who has never mix can think about a ■■■■ like that.

How do you adjust your eq and gain, if the track will go on an other layer than the preview channel.

Because it’s what it does, you listen your TrackPreviewB on MixerA, then if you load the track, it go to the MixerB. How to do your eq ?

What is the point of this feature ?

If you’re using seconds and hands to change eq and levels and all that, you really should be loading the track to a deck anyway.

If I understand you right follow this.

The preview works if the layer volume fader is all the way down first.

If it’s up, a safety feature is to us next available channel that is closed\down. This is so it won’t play out in the master mix by error.

When previewing layer A ensure you have that corresponding channel fader all the way down first. Like wise for layer B.

This should play the preview track on your selected channel.

In an ideal world they should make it only play directly into through the cue of your headphones.

No, if you’d have all faders down, preview always go to layer A, even if you are working on layer B and cueing B.

To me, it should have stayed the way it was: if you’re working on layer B, give me preview on layer B. And when that fader or layer is active, it should prompt me “please lower fader down”.

Normally all goes well, because you’d probably play on the opposite layer anyway. However, using 2 players with 2 layers, one unit might be completely off-air and this “handy feature” becomes annoying.

I think the thought process of “auto layer preview” had to do with the LC6000, but having one of those for 10 months now, I still cannot grasp the reason why. I know where I want to preview a track and cue that channel accordingly.

I agree, but If you expect preview on layer B, because you’re searching for a nice track to play on that layer B / channel next, why should you need to change cue to layer A for preview first and then switch cue to layer B after loading that previewed track… it doesn’t make sense.

Well that “improvement” made me stop using that feature, because in a heat of mix, things get confusing and unpredictable. You expect that particular layer on that channel, nowhere else. So we need to nicely ask denon to kick someones lower back part of the body for this “improvement”.

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I would suggest to just play out the preview sound on the headphones no matter what cue is selected. Would be very handy in my eyes.

That would not be handy - what about master/cue mix? Or what about other channels?

I’d be tempted to switch the feature off if it’s proving to confuse people or act in different ways when different channel/layer combos are in use.

No ones really in so much of a hurry that they can’t click load or even right swipe a track to load it. Especially as, if you do decide to use that track that you previewed, you have to click load or right swipe it anyway

It’s just a case of prep

Could be a quick cue option in the menu. I think it’s like this with the prime go. If you preview a track you get the sound of it in your headphone. When you load it in you can use the master / cue mix.

Pioneer has this feature with the link cue. It’s quick and easy to use.

Link cue in djm mixers is reacting to cue master knob like normal cue button from a channel - the good and predictable way.

On a two channel device it cannot go wrong. On anything more than two channels it’s counter intuitive.

It’s funny how different opinions can be.

@NoiseRiser an implementation with the cue/mix would be good to.

I think it depends on the way the Dj is mixing. I mix often after one drop, so I’m pressing the cue buttons multiple times just for previewing a song and ask myself why? Could be so simple and automatic.

But the Beaty of a touch screen is you can implement everything. So that every type of Dj is happy.

There is no right or wrong. It’s just personal preference.

I’m ok If @Reese thinks there is no sense having this feature on a 4 ch mixer. I just think it’s way smarter not have to press any cue button to preview a song and especially with the new strange behavior now with the layers.

There is no wrong way, unless it brings more complexity than needed. On the professional stage there is no room for error. The simplest way is the best way. Why? Because if You are contracted to perform in a certain way, people have their expectations. There is no time and space for experimentation and learning. You go there, deliver what You are paid for. If not, booking agents will happily say goodby and hire someone else. That’s why I rather have a 1 to 1 connection from the layers, to a mixer, than jumping the preview suddenly on a different channel, that maybe I am using for something else…?

That’s why I stopped using the preview function. It just does not have sense in the way it’s implemented now. Previously it was great - fader up on the channel - no preview. Fader down on the same channel - preview enabled - that was great. Now I can’t tell where suddenly my preview will land and how to avoid it mixing with something else.

You are right. I don’t like the way it is implemented right now as well.

My suggestion was not to change the default behavior, just to implement an option to just hit preview and I can hear it on my headphone. No matter what cues are on.

That is also wrong. It should be dependant on cue selection. This way I can have more control over it.

I agree with NoiseRiser, the way you propose Lukas is wrong. Even if you want it as an option. For me this feature is a kind of noob dj feature. But like NoiseRiser said, it s more confusing than usefull. If you are unable to control the channel where you preview, you should stop mixing.

2nd problem : I have ableton effects on each of my 4 layers, With like a beatrepeat(looper) or a delay. If my looper is activated on my layer A with the track stopped. So if you follow me, no tracks are playing on A or B layer from the player, but my looper is still active on layer A, fader up. Now I preview on the B layer, and of course, it’s previewing on the A layer fader up doing ■■■■ with the looper active.

I worked in a dev team, the choice of features you have to develop follow a process with a lot of talks (if the project manager do his job) with the users and with the dev team. How this feature passes all the talks ?

Is it the same project manager who had the brillant idea to always light on the Sync and master button ? >_<.

I can forgive that the engine prime software is not as good as recordbox, because the players are better. So please denon go back on those 2 features and ask credible djs for the next features you want to develop.

It’s really sad to see the direction of the talk.

Saying that I should stop mixing because I have a different mixing preference is just absurd. I can just laugh about that :clap:t2::sunglasses:

Just to be clear are you guys using X18xx mixer or third party mixer?

I’ve just played with the layers and cue previews on sc6000m via the x1850 everything previews to the corresponding channel.

Even if I have all faders down its routed correctly. Faders up I get a warning to lower the fader.

My route is as follows

1 2 3 4

C - A - B - D

3 - 1 - 2 - 4

2 * 1 - 1 * 2

Dk1 Dk2

Not sure what the issue is here.