Track list jumpin' up and down...What's that?

Well. I spread some new firmware over my SC5000… When I press the BACK button to get back to the tracks listing the list is moving UP and DOWN…I know there was an issue with the track analysis, BUT this happens also when I move the rotary encoder to scroll the list, sometimes… So, anybody is experincing this too?

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It happens sometimes to me, I think this happens when two players SC5000 are connected via an ethernet cable through the X1800, and a certain player updates the track list to mark as “played” (green) the track that the other deck is playing. Then sometimes (or always?, I don’t remember) when you are in the track list view, the track that is selected moves to the first position in the screen. Do you mean that?

Yeah I think this should be corrected in a next firmware update.

Well, something like…I do not have the X1800 so the players are connected to each others…I usually order my track list by BPM so… maybe… Anyway in the 1.3 firmware this was not happening so frequently as in the 1.4 release…It is an added noise that I’d have prefered NOT to have…

Happens here as well. I have made a bug-repport on it…

I don’t know…Good to know that I’m not alone…As far as I can tell, this issue is getting worst each time a new firmware is available…I really hope that can be fixed sometime…Probably related to the BIG BPM problem… Just one thing OT… I noticed that the key analysis is NOT that great…I mean as far as my music genre (OLD DISCO) a lot of tracks are mis-analyzed…I use KEYFINDER to read the key of a track and it has always worked fine…The issue is evident when I have two same tracks in the list, one is the Extend Mix and the other is the Radio Edit… They should be in the same key but the “ENGINE” worked out TWO different keys…WHAT’S THAT? Hey Denon, are you reading?..

I am also experiencing this problem.

Bizarrely i have only noticed this since the last 1.4 update although it could be some other setting that i may have changed.

Always appears to happen when i am scrolling through looking for my next track to load.