Track info on prime 4

Hi guys, is their anyway to get full track details from tracks, I.e show bpm key etc of tracks in my crates, I get details once I load track to deck but want all this information as I am scrolling to look for track, thanks

Hi, but have you analyzed all your songs with Engine first?

He seems to be in the file browser view.

It seems to me that the music tracks were copied to the media but were not analyzed or added to the create or playlist

This is exactly what I have done, I dragged them from desktop on computer straight onto internal hard drive thinking they would analyse automatically on the prime, do I need to analyse in engine first then will all info show if I open engine crate on controller, sorry about all questions but all new to me lol

  • To take full advantage of the Engine Gear. Run your tracks through Engine Prime. Analysis is optional, but quicker on the computer.

  • Same way you dragged the desktop files to the external drive. Just drag it all to engine prime.

  • Then from inside/within Engine Prime drag all the files to your external drive you want to use

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It seems to me that there is an option to display the file name or the title of the track, read from the MP3 TAGs: maybe it is set to display the file name?

Also are you sure that your mp3 files have the compiled tags?

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Thanks for all replies, I have it sorted now, didn’t realise had to analyse tracks in engine first them transfer to prime 4 internal drive, thanks all for input, really appreciate it

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Look here: Link