Track ID bot for Twitch

Hi, Is there any way to pull track ID info from the Prime 4 in standalone mode not computer mode? This is for OBS/Twitch overlay. Connecting to pc with XLR to 3.5.

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There is a tool available from @erikrichardlarson that can do this.

There is a very long thread split into two parts (part 2 here): Stagelinq protocol API availability? (Part 2) - #22 by mhite

The download is here: GitHub - erikrichardlarson/unbox: Log and display your rekordbox / Serato / Traktor / VirtualDJ / Denon / Mixxx tracks as they're played

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Give UNBOX a try.

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yeah I tried using it but could not get it to work. I think I was missing a step thats not in the instructions. Do I need to connect the lan port on the Denon to my router for this to work?

I connected with the Ethernet between the laptop and Prime 4. I get issues where it doesn’t always connect so you may have more luck that I do but I try every version and give feedback to help shape it.

The developer that has created it doesn’t own any Denon DJ gear so depends on our feedback. He’s fast at responding and is always open to new ideas.

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Yoo we had some issues with the latest release that you may have run into, can you try one of these older releases and see if they work for you:

Mac Download

Windows Download

Btw how is your Prime 4 connected to the internet, sounds like you might be connected via WiFi? If you can, I’d try running a LAN cable from your Prime 4 to your router and seeing if Unbox can establish a connection your gear. Lmk if this works for you, happy to help some more.

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Network cable did the trick thanks so much. the plugin for the widget that’s supposed to show the track history that I paid for however is not. Is there a way to make it an overlay on twitch vs being in the panel? Also do you plan on having the ability to send the track info to a website or something so people can go see old sets and possible some kind of auto record that gets uploaded to google drive or something? My friend has one that does that. Some of the overlays did not work also. coming up next, ASOT

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