Track fails to load.

In the weird bugs department: On an ExFAT/MBR formatted drive if the filepath to a track has a folder whose name ends with a dot the Prime 4 will report the track as “failed to load” However Engine Prime will load that same track from the same drive just fine.


/Music/the tracks./thetrack.mp3 will fail to load

/Music/the tracks/thetrack.mp3 will load fine

This bug was confirmed after investigating it with MixMasterG of the ATGR Production Team and is fully reproducible. It’s unclear if there are other characters besides the dot that will cause the same issue.

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As there’s no need for any folder names to end with a dot, just remove any dots from the end of folder names

MacOS reads spaces and dots at the end of a file/folder fine, but it’s completely unnecessary.

Windows strips the space btw.

Prime4 is running on a different OS, so it’s not weird that there are differences.

It is even entirely possible that EP on MacOS can read files, but EP on Windows doesn’t.