Track count in a Crate

Hi, does anyone know, is it possible to display the track count in a crate?, like on a playlist on the Prime 4?

That is, do you want to see how many times you played that track? If this is what you want, look at this request and add your vote ( :heart:) to increase the probability that it will then (then, then, then …) be added: link

Or do you want the progressive number in the crate as in the playlist?

I’ve only ever used “track count” as information to tell me NOT to play a High count track again and again.

I like looking through tracks with zero plays to see what old classics I’ve missed out on playing though.

I think this request is more about how many tracks are in a crate, though

Hi, I meant is it possible to see the progressive number of files in a crate, like the playlist displays, e.g. Techno (85), etc.