track caption running with MCX8000 and Serato

Can you run this script and post the output? Once you unzip it, you should be able to just click to run the script and see output in the command prompt. (1.7 MB)

Therefore: I tried to run the unbox_denon_poller.exe file with “Denon” mode in Unbox and Serato which played the track with the console volume turned up, and the MCX8000 cable to the router, but the output file is empty

Ah yeah you can close unbox for the time being. Basically we want to run the exe file and see what the output is / if a connection was made to your decks. Can you try closing unbox and running the exe file / posting the output here? Thanks!

Thanks to you for the infinite patience! the output is still empty. I tried both with Serato active and with Serato closed

Hahah no prob, interesting so the Command Prompt window doesn’t show, or it has no text displaying in the window?

The prompt window appears for about 5 seconds, but there is nothing in the Output text file

Ah I see, yeah this means a connection to your decks isn’t made. Is the laptop connected over wifi? If it is, you could try connecting the laptop via ethernet instead and see if that works since some people have reported wifi causing issues.

YES the laptop is connected via WIFI. unfortunately I have no more cables. If I connect the laptop, I cannot connect the Denon :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahah maybe an experiment for another day, for now you can also try turning off your firewall and see if that helps.

I tried to disable the firewall, but the result is always the same: the output file is empty

EDIT: I did a further test: I connected my denon via Extended Wifi and the laptop directly to the network cable. I ran the script, but the output is always blank

Denon will need to be connected via Ethernet / the link port on the back so that makes sense that the output is blank in the case of using WiFi for your deck connection.

Hmmm I think the best we can do here is try to get another ethernet cable and run that from your laptop to your router, and see if that works with your Denon being connected via ethernet as well.

Unfortunately I have no other cables at the moment. I must say, however, that the “serato” mode using the links is very convenient. Unfortunately there is the problem during the preview. Would there be a way to make the Track caption appear only after the Play button was pressed after “#” seconds? So a delay on the Play button, excluding the history

EDIT :slight_smile: Hi mate, i just tried to wire both the console and the laptop. Both are now wired to the router, but the output file is still empty

Currently the Serato mode can only follow a track being loaded onto a deck, and the delay with that currently has a bug. I definitely want to fix this before the next release, but I’d say you can probably get Denon mode working before I can fix the Serato code haha so I’d try that with a new ethernet cable, the Denon mode shouldddd work eventually and if it does it will follow the master deck which Serato can’t do