Touch sensitivity of SC5000 Jog Wheel Platters

I just purchased two SC5000s and they arrived today. When I plunged them in they appeared to work as normal with no problems. However when testing the jogs I noticed something strange. The touch responsiveness is quite slow. Like most DJs I sometimes use spinbacks, however when I touch the platter it seems to take a beat or two to recognize that I have done so. This is a real problem for me. I came from a Pioneer DDJ-RZ and it reacted the moment you touched the platter, so spinbacks was never a problem. It appears that I actually have to exert a small amount of psychical force to have the same effect as the Pioneer and even at that it’s like there is a 1 or 2 beat delay before it recognizes I have touched. If I don’t apply enough pressure to the platter it just acts as if I am using the edge of the jog wheel when trying to beat match. It’s the same on both decks. Running firmware 1.4.1. Anyone else had this problem or is the normal?

Afraid to ask, but did you take the foil of the platter??

No harm asking but yeah, foil is off.

Mm, then it must be grounding of some sort.

Only nudge sensitivity can be adjusted in prefs/utility, but normal touch should react immediately.

I sometimes do a sort of stuttering effect with fingers+thumb when SLIP is on.

It’s strange, I just switched them off and restarted them and it certainly appears now that one of them is less sensitive than the other. Going to reinstall the firmware and see it that improves anything.

Okay. Also don’t touch the platter when booting up. The player will calibrate the touch.

Firmware reinstall shouldn’t change much. Do check if both are in a grounded wall-socket.

I don’t think I did but thanks for the advice, I didn’t know that so it’s a good thing you mentioned it. cheers

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Make sure that the unit is plugged into a grounded mains socket , I had the same issue !

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I have noticed a direct correlation between touch sensitivity and grounded outlet. If the third pin thing on the plug is connected to a grounded outlet, the touch sensitivity is much more sensitive. With it not grounded, I need several fingers or palm on the platter for it to respond, still useable but different. Are you still having trouble?