Topic auto closed forum feature: how does this work?


I noticed some topics are closed with reason: “This topic was automatically closed 24 hours after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.”

How does this feature work? Why are some topics closed this way, while others stay open for months? Why only 24 hours?

Example: I asked a Denon representative a question regarding his comments in a topic and later I found it was already closed before he even got the time to answer.


I’ve re-opened the topic.

The “anti-bump” of the same person replying to their own post has been temporarily removed while mcx beta testing is happening.

It seems that whilst anti-bump is “off” a bump had closed the topic.

Anyway, I’ve re-opened the post manually in the meantime.


Thanks! That helps for my example (let’s hope this Denon-guy finds some time to answer :grinning:), but still my general questions remain.

From your answer above, I understand the purpose of this feature is to prevent old topics from being bumped. Does this mean we better open a new topic when one wants to ask a follow-up question to an old thread?


Hi Sussudio

The anti-bump feature only stops the same poster adding comment to a post - eg: If Fred advertises a used mixer for sale, then any member can add a reply to Fred’s post eg: does it have a box? Does the crossfader work? Etc … but Fred can’t add a reply to his own post, only to other people’s posts in the thread.


Fred: I’ve got a mixer for sale - it’s great $100 John: is it black or silver? Fred: it’s the silver one

The above is fine and works with anti-bump … but:

Fred: I’ve got a mixer for sale - it’s great $100 Fred: Don’t miss this mixer - it’s a great deal ! Fred: come on! You’ll kick yourself if you miss this! Fred: ok - massive price reduction - now only $85 bargain !!! Buy it now !