Top screen is gone in my X1800... Help!

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I’m a Denon prime series user since 3 weeks ago. Last night I was at home preparing a session with my SC5000Ms & X1800 and everything it was ok until I realised that one of the screens (the one on top) was completely black… no info at all. The bottom one is ok. The problem is still there. Have anyone had the same issue?? Or know how to solve this? Thank you all. Javier.

There is no magic solution (“press this button…”). Contact the shop where you purchased the mixer and/or Denon support.

This sounds like a technical issue. Please contact support

Hey man, Got the same issue, curious how yours resolved. I’m writing to denon support right this moment, but also wanted to learn other’s experience. Please share a few bits about your resolution. Thanks a bunch!

When my mixer got broken (Fader one became lose after short time after I bought it), Denon solved it very fast, and it works great till today :slight_smile:

NoiseRiser, Thank you for the feedback!

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