Tired of Prime 4 and Engine Prime

Why is BeatGrid detection so bad on Engine Prime / Prime 4?

Why don’t the Anchor options not work as they should?

Why can’t Denon make a program that makes a good BeatGrid?

Guys, I’m fed up, after 10 days fighting with ENGINE PRIME, I’m going to be forced to return it to the store where I bought it, because of its disastrous BeatGrid detection, in addition to all the problems it has for folders and subfolders.

I leave two videos, first from Traktor, and another from Engine Prime, of the same track, editing the beatgrid.

In this one, with Traktor, you can see how the track is analyzed well, but on the way down it has a speed change downwards, and then it returns to its original speed, which we solve perfectly with an anchor and moving the grid:

Now, let’s go to Engine Prime.

Right off the bat, the track doesn’t analyze it well, we edit pitch and grid, and the beginning looks good, but when we get to the part of the speed down and up, it is impossible to put it evenly:

In the Engine Prime anchor it says the following:

Set a marker at the current playhead position, and locks the beatgrid BEFORE the anchor. This can be used if the track you are editing has tempo fluctuations, but we already see that this is not the case, if you put an anchor, the track is edited completely, not from the anchor.

So I’m about to return the Prime 4 and get back to my Traktor S5, as Denon doesn’t listen to their customers and I honestly highly doubt they are going to fix this.

Bye Bye Denon.

I guess you missed the posts made earlier today by Denon, which mentioned a new Engine Prime and Engine OS version with “FlexiGrid”. They seem to have been removed now, but there’s definitely something coming soon.

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I have not seen those messages, but if it is true, surely for several months we will not have it, which is a very big problem for me.

Where is this post?

Also, you only mention the “flexigrid”, but not what about the folders and subfolders.

They mentioned FlexiGrid and also a Dropbox function, similar to Pioneer’s cloud connected Rekordbox 6.

What are “all the problems” with folders and subfolders?

I have not encountered any issues with using the beat grid anchors.

The problems with folders and subfolders, is that you have to create them by hand in Engine Prime, you don’t care about them as they are, Engine Prime puts all the tracks in COLLECTION, but it doesn’t respect the folders you have, with all the music ordered.

If you have no problems with the anchor, I congratulate you, but you have already seen the video that I have recorded, where the anchor does not respect the previous of the track before putting the anchor.

Hang in there with it. I came from Traktor. In your anylise settings change to high tempo so your range isn’t great. I know what you mean about downbeat detection. Make sure you set the downbeat on the 1. Some times the 1 can be deceptive if producers have put a fill in before the 1.im sure they do it to have some fun with Djs. Traktor is a way more mature programme, no doubt about that. Denon are progressing, listening and I do personally think thier bpm analysis is the best in the business now. They need to tweak the downbeat stuff but also if we get out settings right and get it on the one, you’ll find it is bang on more than not. I play alot of old skool house which can be all over the place and Engine Prime does a good job. Not sure if you use sync when mixing but if you do try the different settings. I use tempo when I do use sync which only matches the Bpms. I find this personally useful. Hope this helps.

I don’t understand what you mean by “make sure you set the downbeat on the 1”, I’m Spanish and I use Google translator, but that part doesn’t translate well for me.

If you can attach a screenshot to me, explaining it to me, it would be helpful.

“On the one” equals first beat of the bar. In 4/4 time, the count is 1,2,3,4. On the one means what it says. :smile:

This would be good news, but I wonder why they wrote and then deleted? Do you remember in which section of the forum it was posted?

Thamks for help.

I have the downbeat in the 1.

It is Engine Prime detection problem, there is no more.

Tomorrow I will return Prime 4 to the store where I bought it, I can’t be fighting with the grid, since I have more than 23,000 tracks.

What do you buy as a replacement?

I have a Traktor S5 that I was planning to sell, thank goodness I didn’t.

Only screen shot of free to download Engine Prime here, nothing showing a purchase of any prime hardware. Just lots of tractor advertising really.

And Reese, I see you marked this as “Solved” as the op had made his decision allegedly. But the op removed your “Solved” marker, suggesting he wanted to keep going on and on about traktor. Ah well.

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What are you talking about?

I have a Prime 4, and I don’t have to show you.

Engine Prime and Prime 4 don’t analyze tracks well, it’s a fact.

If you don’t like what you read, simple, don’t read it, but don’t accuse anyone of not having the main hardware purchased.

I had marked this as solved, but it was removed.

OP has made his choice, which he also explained. Prime4 goes back to the retailer, so it essentially marks the end of this discussion before it gets muddy.

Closing this.

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