Tips, tricks on SC6000 SSD built-in 2.5” drive?

Getting opinions in regards to the SC 6000 used in conjunction with the optional built-in 2.5 inch SSD bay. Is there a memory limit etc. thanks advance for any insight or replies

Use a formatted SSD formatted with file system exFAT or FAT32. FAT32 has a limitation of 4GB for a single file and the database file could grow bigger over time, so for the build in harddrive exFAT (with MBR) is the best choice. Also exFAT is the best choice for file systems above 1 TB.

Both 2,5" HDD and SSD can be installed. SSD is the fastest and more reliable choice. There is no limitation in capacity of the drive (to support all uncompressed audio collections) and no file/folder limitations . The collection size will impact search speeds.

Make sure to use a well known brand (SanDisk, Samsung, WD, Crucial)

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