Tips for backspins on the SC5000M

I’m curious if anybody has any tips on how to perform a quick backspin such as the one in this video? I did this a lot in my mixes using non-motorized platters, but I can’t seem to do a nice sounding backspin with the motors. Perhaps I have my vinyl set too tight on the spindle?

It’s a normal back spin with echo effect.

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I get that, but with the motorized platters, I can’t seem to get the vinyl to spin back more than half a revolution, even on the loosest setting.

The way the vinyl had been screwed on the pin of the platter, supposedly makes it lose or tight.

Don’t have an M but @AIRVince made a comment on this forum about it.

If you cannot do backspins with multiple revolutions, there is too much friction between the slipmat and the vinyl. You can easily reduce friction by lifting the vinyl a bit from the slipmat. I did a little trick to get almost equal friction on both of my SC5000Ms:

  1. remove the vinyl
  2. ensure the slipmat is lying flat on the platter
  3. put two sheets of paper flat on the slipmat so that the slipmat is covered except for a small stripe in the middle
  4. put the vinyl on top
  5. tighten the screw that fixes the vinyl. Do not put any pressure on the vinyl during this step!
  6. remove the paper

If there is still too much friction you could fold the sheets of paper.


Yes, it all has to do with how much downforce is on the record against the mat when you tighten the assembly. The paper-gap method VoodooChild suggests sounds like it would be an easy way of getting consistent such results. and faster. I probably tightened them a dozen times before I got them how I wanted.

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Thanks! I’ll try that!

Anyone have any tips on doing backspins with the SC5000 where there is no vinyl involved? I can’t seem to get them to sound right. It has a real screeching type sound rather than a smooth reverse roll type of sound.

definatley works, i used card folded.