Tidal voucher

Hi all, probably obvious, but where do you get the voucher for the free Tidal trial for the sc6000’s?

Form what I can see, the code should be sitting on my account when I have registered my products, but I can’t see anything obvious?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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It’s here https://www.denondj.com/productregistration/customer/

Scroll down and you’ll see Tidal, with two buttons on the right - “get me a serial” and “redeem”.

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Thank you @PKtheDJ i will go try this out. you guys are great on here for help and advice :ok_hand:

Hmm not working for me… when I scroll down there is no Tidal or “get me a serial” and “redeem”.

Any ideas?

Well what do you see? Post a screenshot (minus any personal info).

Looks to me like an error with the site config. Notice the statement that serial numbers start with (21) but your SC6000 numbers do not start with (21).

Clearly a job for Denon.

See here too Can't register SC6000M's

I have registered my non-M units successfully. Indeed with (21).

Do you have software downloads listed (inc Tidal)?

Yes of course, but I have more devices listed, so it could be because of those.

When I went to register (21) was greyed out and in parenthesis. When I tired entering a serial number beginning with 21 I could not register the products. I had to drop the numbers to successfully register.

I have always entered the complete number, so with (21).

Hey all,

I checked mine and still no Tidal voucher listed on the account, it’s ok though it’s not the end of the world just thought I’d test it out.

I had problems registering my 6000s as well during the week. My mixer went on fine. I did contact customer support who said I shouldn’t be registering them? Bit weird I replied and said that’s not what the manuals say, haven’t heard back yet.

I have since tried again and the 6000s went on fine. However, as stated still no Tidal voucher.

Like I said I’m more worried about the jog wheel issue than the free Tidal trial. Hopefully, these bugs and glitches will get fixed and we will have some feedback Monday.

Thanks again for your messages on this much appreciated.

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