Tidal Subscription Issue


I’ve just sent a support request in to Tidal but thought I should post something here in case anyone else has had an issue.

I updated my SC5000M with v1.4 firmware and signed up for Tidal using the code generated. There were a couple of hiccoughs on the way and I needed to enter two different codes to activate Tidal. However, looking at my account on Tidal today it states “Your subscription will automatically renew 09/11/19. You will be charged £19.99 from your Paypal” which is clearly not three months away!

I’ll drop an update here once Tidal get back to me.

Dont know how you did it, but I found out that:

  1. Redeem code from Denons site (You get access to redeem the 3 months voucher by registrering your player(s) )
  2. Create a account on Tidal (where you use that code)
  3. Go to link/Tidal.com and use the codes on the sc5000s screen to link the players to the account created in step 2.

You cant use the 3 months voucher if you start by going to link/Tidal.com

Right. I’m pretty sure I did that, but I had generate the code twice on my player (I only have one) as the first time Tidal kicked me out of the registration process.

So from what you’re saying, it looks like the Tidal account I’ve set up is just a regular Tidal trial.

I’m guessing that I could set up another Tidal account with a different email address and use the 3 months free trial with that.

A bit of a pain, as I’ve spent a fair few hours setting up a number of playlists etc. Ho hum. The joys of tech huh.

Anybody else want to weigh in on this subject?