Tidal still not performing

Since update 201 and even with 202 tidal is still buggy as hell Some tracks load instantly some tracks take a minute Roughly 2 in ten tracks don’t detect the key of the track just the bpm Some tracks don’t store any data and I have to analyse them every time All my library of 1000 plus tracks still haven’t come back as analysed since the recent update . It’s a disaster for me as even if I go through them one at a time there is no guarantee that they will remain analysed is there any hope on the horizon?

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Same here, all key information missing unless tracks are put in preparation folder

I don’t think they care. I don’t think tidal care either they haven’t updated the service to make it more user friendly as in search by bpm or key or even search for names of tracks in playlist rather than given you every track with the same name ever made I hope it gets sorted cause I bought into this format as a bedroom DJ and at the moment it’s crushed my motivation a bit

Considering that 2.0.2 is only 2 weeks old , and 2.0 isn’t even 10 days prior to that, I think it’s several month early to be brandishing the “nobody cares” placards.

The speed in which the updates have been coming out in the last month or so has been phenomenal. Some issues take longer to fix than others, even if those waiting for a particular fix might think thst their fix must be one of the easier things.

It’s unlikely that Tidal will alter their service to cater for DJs, because it’s a domestic/consumer service, much like Spotify, Deezer etc.

If you really need that info then take a look at services designed for DJs, like Beatport & Beatsource Link.

Also you should consider these streaming services as an emergency backup to a purchased music collection, rather than your main source.

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Your probably right I’m just annoyed with myself for updating to to 2.01 and 2 Prematurely there are always bugs with these kinds of things and I will wait next time

True, but a little change happened. My normal Tidal subscription just became hifi for the same monthly payment. :relieved:


Same here but they now have a free tier

Happy days

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Shame it’s US only for the free tier. It’s good that they now include the HiFi plan as standard though. It will be on a similar playing field to the other streaming guys now.