Tidal questions

Feel free to drop your questions to Denon about Tidle here. I have a few…

  • Some tracks in the Tidle default playlists are greyed out, is that intended? I can find and play the same songs with search function (maybe another track ID?)

  • Some tracks show one or two stars in the Tidal results, what’s up with that?

  • Is any subscription okay, or HiFI only?

This might be a regional restriction. Are the grayed out tracks playable on the desktop or mobile version of TIDAL?

TIDAL has their own rating system. Not sure what’s up with that :man_shrugging:t3:

All paid TIDAL subscriptions are usable on Prime Series hardware. Tap the gear icon below the magnifying glass to view and change TIDAL settings.

This could explain the grayed out tracks for sure. In the mobile app the tracks are not listed in the same list.

My Tidal Q so far… When I do a Tidal search on my P4 is it possible to save that track to a playlist?

I am digging on the damn near instant track & playlist showing up on the P4 after adding it via phone app.

I created a Tidal playlist called “Requests” so if someone ask for a track that I don’t have I can find it on my phone, add to the Requests playlist then it shows up in my Prime4. That way I not only have a Tidal Prepare folder for requests but I also have a record of what I might need to add to the SSD.


I can answer this - The grayed out tracks are tracks that are available on some regions but not the one you are in. We decided to include these as unavailable rather than omit them for the sake of completeness.


At the option to have now round about 50.000.000 tracks to play, i think we alsdo need the possibility to preview the tracks before download, because, if it isnt the track you want, you wasted time in downloading & analyzing the track, to find out, its the wrong version … or not the track you want to play :shushing_face:

hope it will possible to implement it in further update, or final version of this firmware.

And now - I have to sort my TIDAL Playlists and Favourite Artists to get my best experience of this very good feature we have :heart::heart_eyes::+1:


That is a great workaround. Hadn’t thought of that.

Happy to help out Mgerth!

That Workaround is “WOW!” - nice Idea - didnt thought on the live update features of the playlists, while it is online. Thanks for the great Tip!

Happy you find it usefull. Hoping to free up sometime today to play more, just wish it wasn’t in Beta so I could take it out this weekend!

Thanks, great tip. There should be a tips section for the Prime 4, as individually we each have our methods that would greatly help others.

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This should not matter, because Tidal’s terms and conditions do not permit you to play the tracks in public anyway. It’s personal use only.

On every CD there is this disclaimer - “Public performance is prohibited” In germany the organizer pay for that public performance through “GEMA” and you can use the tracks.

it´s a greyzone at streaming I know - but should be the same.

You also play your CD´s or Vinyl, mp3 public - or aren´t you DJ ?

Yep over here (NL) it’s covered by Buma-Stemra. A venue, festival or radiostation needs to pay for played tracks.

However, a deal should also be made with the streaming provider to get the info of the played tracks and pay the artist accordingly. I think they have already done that for the likes of Spotify and Soundcloud.

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Actually it says “unauthorized public performance (etc)”, meaning it’s OK to play in a venue that has a public performance license. However, streaming sites just state that it’s personal use only - nothing about authorization. Don’t assume it’s the same.

I buy my music from a “commercial use” site. Other, more consumer oriented download sites (iTunes etc) probably have the same “personal use” restriction.

I have noticed that (my) playlists from Tidal cannot (yet) be sorted in the Prime 4. On the desktop it is possible to sort by # (Play order), Title, Artist, Album, Lenght (called Time in Tidal). I hope it is on the radar to implement in an upcoming firmware release

Also I do miss ‘The Charts’ in Featured section or as root TOP section. Top 20 in featured currently shows Top Tracks, but I can’t seem to find Tidal Top 100 UK, Tidal Top 100 France, Tidal Top 100 Italia etc…

Another future addition might be to show the ‘My Mix’ under My Collection.

at the moment - you can only sort your tracks in your playlist, via tidal software. but also would like to see that feature on the players.

Using the P4, is there any way to search genre’s within Tidal?