Tidal prep crate on the Prime 4 needed to pre-analyze tracks for BPM/key

This may be something for a future update, but if there was a way to left swipe songs into a prep crate so that they could be pre-analysed for BPM and Key, that would really be a nice feature to have that info ahead of loading the track into a deck to prep mixing it in :headphones:


Hi @Mgerth,

Prep functionality for TIDAL tracks is something we hope to do in the future but will not be included in the initial release.

@Rockalot discovered a great workaround to add TIDAL tracks to a prepare list. See the link below.

Tidal crate is a great idea. Since we don’t have it yet, for the purposes of analyzing the tracks, just remember their are 4 decks on the prime 4. I’ve been just loading new tracks in deck 4 while using 1 and 2 for the main outputs. Works great. Especially when busy Dj’ing live and I am only using decks 1 and 2, having those extra 2 decks is a great place to throw tracks for analyzing and preview without interfering with my work flow.

Loving my Prime 4. Just opens everything up.

DJ James

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