Tidal Playlist Bug?

  • Beta Version:


  • Steps to Reproduce: Search for a playlist at Tidal greater than 50 tracks. Play this Playlist with continious mode. After 50 tracks, the playlist will restart from 1.

  • Expected Result: it should play track no. 51 and on

  • Actual Result: it plays 50th track as last one and then start again at track no.1

  • Reproducibility: 10/10

  • Additional Notes: should a playlist not be played from track 1 to it´s end ?

  • Link to Video Repro:

I think I noticed that also on the web version of Tidal before. When you have a playlist it loads only 50 tracks until you scroll down to the bottom. Then it loads another 50, repeatedly until the end is reached. When you press a shuffle play in Tidal web version it only shuffles the tracks loaded in the list

hmm … that makes it dificult to patch, if that is a tidal thing. Maybe we could load until e.o.d. (End of Data) and then buffer its playlist.