Tidal One Month Free Trial Issue

I have purchased Prime 4 recently and got Tidal for supposedly 1 whole month for free. However after around2 weeks I’vereceived an email notifying me my free trial had expired! Any ideas why it got cut this short? Has anyone else had the same issue?

Thanks :+1:

No, it’s a three month trial. I know because I’m using it!

The one month trial is the standard trial that anyone can have.

You should cancel the account you have now, then sign up again with the Denon code, using a different email address.

Thanks for your reply! I did try 3 different email addresses but it wouldnt work. Isnt it one free trial per mixer rather than email address?

If you used the Denon code, you should have got three months free.

You have to register your product on denon website to get the code.

To add to this.

To my knowledge; The DenonDJ code only works when creating a new account. It cannot be added to an existing account.

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