Tidal - linking app to players for free trial

I’m having a blonde moment

I’ve finished my gigs for the next 3 days so have downloaded the beta test firmware with Tidal access into the players - all went well.

I’ve got the Tidal app on my iPhone

I can get the players to connect to my WiFi in the house and can get the players to show me a special code of random letters for tidal eg: HRSGYHD

And there on the sc5000 screen is a countdown of how that code stays valid for another 30000 seconds etc

But, I can’t fond anywhere in the tidal app on the iPhone for me to type that code from the sc5000 screen, into the app to make the link.

Worst still, I think that I’ve activated several tidal subscriptions eg: I’ve double clicked the side button on iPhone, when requested , several times. Ok, multiple accounts is something I can take up with tidal, but I just can’t see a input box anywhere on tidal app which is gonna ask for the code from the prime screen

Dumb blonde - it’s probably somewhere very obvious - any clues ? Screenshots? Or can’t the link be done via the iPhone app

On the screen of the SC5000 where the code is displayed - there is also the site link displayed, which you have to open via browser. there you can enter the code.


I would forget to breathe if it weren’t automatic !!! Read Didi, READ !!!

Thanks - that was it ! I’m trying it all now - very impressive - hyper fast loading times, seems to analyse tracks faster than off my hard drives, and I tried something stupid to see if it would break … like loading in a 40 minute megamix from tidal and… it only bloody worked perfectly !!!

This IS a game changer !!!

Doesn’t matter if pioneer bring out something that does what Prime can do, theirs will need a second Bloody mortgage to purchase a single player and deals with the devil to buy an all in one console. Prime all the way now

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