Tidal is so good

Just looked on Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download and Bandcamp and so far Tidal has them all. Now I know Tidal won’t have everything on every single occasion but so far very impressed with the house music on there. Can’t wait to try my playlist out on the prime 4 tomorrow am. What I love about the prime 4, its so versatile. Tidal appears to be beatport, bandcamp and beatsource all rolled into one. Bargain for the price.


Yes. I feel the same. I can see why Denon DJ put Tidal out first, ready to sync with the Prime 4 launch. The ultimate mobile DJ steaming service on the ultimate mobile DJ hardware.

That’s serious numbers of potential subscribers, compared to the potential numbers of other types of DJs

Is Tidal the only streaming service at this time? Was under the impression others (BPL i.e.) also would be available? Coming from VDJ I have BPL running, but if P4 don’t support this (yet) I’m cancelling. Hell might even check Tidal (but I really hate Shawn and hate to fund him😇, sorry)

At the moment. I think the next update firmware has Soundcloud. I’m not to fussed about soundcloud. I do buy most of my music from beatport, Juno, traxsource and Bandcamp. I did a quick test and to my surprise tidal had all the tracks even the remixes. It won’t have everything but it does cover a lot. All depends what you play I guess.

Partnership with Beatport failed ? :wink:

Dont think so. Its just what’s in the next firmware I think. Why would a partnership with Beatport fail? Beatport will want as many partners as possible due to thier offline locker subscription. Probably more down to the period of time were in and partners implementing it into software. Denon have said its gonna happen, just a question of when.

Beatport streaming is coming amigo, with a firmware update in a not too distant future.

It’s worth the wait.


“Not too distant future” what does it mean? Are you a Denon member too? In the last weeks it seems there are in the forum a lot of users managed by Denon with differents nicknames… Just to know. Thank you.

One question though, can you prepare streaming audio(cue/loop/beatgrid/etc)?

Well on the fly like usb music engine OS needs to anylise first. Once anylised you can set loops, add cues and edit grid just like your djing from USB. If your playing a gig that and customer has given you a playlist you can prep before hand.

Lol. No my friend.

Most of the official Denon and InMusic staff will have that title in their profile or user name.

I’m a customer just like you.

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You can do it on the players.

The performance data eg Cues and Loops are stored in the attached USB.

The tracks are not

There was a photo of a beta with beatport link option posted here Streaming services on Prime 4

Ok, also when?

It’s all there in the thread, you just need to read.

Lovely. Looking forward to the update. Although I am stoked already as just got my prime 4 on Friday. Loads to learn and enjoy.

i don’t see any indicative date in the post.

And if you read the thread, you would know why - the 6th and 7th posts explain this. I’ll explain it once more for your benefit - Denon DJ does not give release dates of updates, however, as it was in beta testing when that screenshot was posted, it’s fairly safe to assume it will be in the next firmware update.

My speculation is that since we have already had the 1.5 software update for PC/Mac, the 1.5 update for the hardware won’t be more than a few weeks away. Note that this is speculation and not official.


So…just putting it out there, EP would have to support Streaming as well…so…you could prep before hand, just store metadata, sync/export to player and then stream using the metadata stored…(I find prep on the P4 itself somewhat less effective)

What if the BPM calculation is wrong when I analyze a track downloaded with Tidal? With the P4 it is not possible to modify the BPM, while I can easily modify the grid.

If I have the track on my PC, I can modify the BPM with Engine Prime, while when the track is only available on the P4, how can this be done?