TIDAL History & Tidal Playlist Edit

How nice it would be if you would be able to create playlist from Prime 4 or SC5k. But mostly if you could keep a full history of your set. A set that could include tracks played locally or streamed from Tidal. Until now we can have history only from tracks stored localy.

P.S - I wont talk about beatgrids and bpm tap function etc, this is something everybody is asking for


Yeah this would be really helpful. Today on my SC5kM I find in my history only tracks stored and played from my SD card. I don’t see any Tidal track. And when I switch to Tidal mode I don’t even see a Tidal only history.

Yes we defo need histories!

I have siad it before we need to be able to add tracks to existing playlists and mix and match with our own collections, it needs to be more seamless, almost to the point you dont know if you are playing a tidal or usb track.

In addition can anyone tell me why when i launch tidal on my sc5000 I get the message… . Beat grid and cue points won’t be saved as there is no recognised disc? Or words to that to effect. This is with both an sd and usb in the unit


I agree completely. It is an important tool in modern DJing, to be able to have a historical record of what you played, and to be able to edit playlist while you are at the event. Playlist editing and history seem almost essential these days.