Tidal downloaded track audio glitches when wifi drops out & reconnect attempted

Don’t see this already reported and noticed it a few times yesterday evening:

  • Product: Prime 4

  • Beta Version: Beta 2

  • Steps to Reproduce: Play a track off Tidal in an area where Wifi signal is weak. If the wifi should drop out while playing the track you get the “wifi connection lost” message on screen as you’d expect. Go to wifi settings and try to reconnect to the wifi network with the previously downloaded track still playing.

  • Expected Result: No impact on the already playing track.

  • Actual Result: There are noticeable audio glitches in the playing track while the Prime 4 tries to re-establish the wifi connection.

  • Reproducibility: I was able to get this to happen a few times yesterday evening. I was testing the beta 2 in my kitchen which has reasonable wifi signal on my phone, but Prime 4 seemed to have poor signal so it seems the Prime 4 needs a stronger signal to work well. The wifi connection therefore dropped out several times on the Prime 4 and each time I was playing a track off Tidal and tried to reconnect the wifi, the glitches were clearly audible.

  • Additional Notes: Somewhat strangely, I don’t seem to be able to repro this by simply switching between one wifi network and another, so it looks like it may be the unit struggling to connect that causes the glitch, not just the act of flicking from one network to another.

  • Link to Video Repro: I can try to grab a video of this happening and provide this later.