Tidal cue points not transferred over when on internal drive

Not sure if this one has been covered. I have just install an internal ssd with no issues, it’s super quick. I went onto tidal on the internal drive and all my playlist tracks need to be reanylised and cue points reset. Is this just how it is or is there a way to transfer that info. When I plug my USB in they are back there and all OK. This can be a feature request if not available.

My guess is that you used Tidal and analysed those tracks when you had the USB device plugged in, so the data is saved to the USB device.

If the SSD wasn’t fitted at the time then of course the Tidal data would not be saved there.

We already know it’s not possible to transfer anything from source to source on the unit (although requested by many) and also that Engine Prime doesn’t have access to Tidal, so you can’t transfer anything that way.

Possibly you might be able to copy the data from USB to SSD using your computer, via Explorer (assuming Windows).

I just thought there may of been a tidal file in the prime folder but nope as you say it saves to the drive you initially loaded them on. Oh well not a deal breaker. At least switching back to my USB with those tidal playlists with stored cues is really solid and seamless.