Thoughts on the MC7000

Hey guys!

I’m looking to actually downgrade to the MC-7000. I need to free up some space in my set-up while still staying Denon. Im curious on what people’s thoughts are of the 7000 before I try to make out in the wild and pick one up.

Im assuming it’s smaller, but it still seems large.

Uhm … What are you downgrading from?

I would be downgrading from the MCX-8000 to the MC-7000

Mmmm, almost more like a cross than downgrade :slight_smile:

Haven’t checked, but aren’t the about the same general size minus the screens?

I think the 7000 is an awesome unit. Unfortunately it lacks the screens of the 8000, and once you get used to using screens it’s hard to go back! Standalone capability is gone too. But, you get dual USB’s and a smaller size format, plus some other creative controls.

I love the 8000, but if you don’t have room for it, and still want a well built Serato controller - the 7000 is a good bet.

Guess that means it IS significantly smaller than the 8000 then :smiley:

Well i got the 7000 because it is smaller than my SZ with the ability to connect two laptops and it has two independent Microphone inputs. I have been using it now for two months and it is great.

I’m not trying to start drama.


What if…the issues with the MCX revolve around the screens?

MC needs 5V while the MCX needs a 12v

For what its worth, the DDJ SX2 uses 5v… But then the NVII uses 12v.

I know, I know, I know there are outside factors and the power needed isn’t created equal (12V 5A vs 12V 2A)

Absolutely Love the Sound, Build Quality and general feel of the Controller. Sound Quality for me is second to none. Have a Sound issue at the moment which I’m trying to resolve. MC8000 had similar issue which was sorted with the help of Tech from Denon (Followed another Forum). I’m hoping theres a fix soon, baring this and provided its sorted…blinding machine.