Thomann shop

I discovered with surprise that the thomann shop no longer has a pioneer dj product in the catalog! can anyone give me an explanation?

Ehm perhaps the Pioneer forum? :sunglasses:

TBH, I really don’t know. Have you contacted Thomann about this?

Maybe pioneer being sold as the company has meant that their new owners just don’t want to be in the DJ business anymore.

I’d have though that there would have been loads of pioneer product still on the shelves in the warehouse though, left to sell.

Maybe it’s just a disagreement or bargaining tool between Thomman and pioneer - “look pioneer, we’re not advertising your gear until you give us better discount”

Or maybe it’s that no pioneer gear is available from corona rife factories in China at the moment, so there’s no point it advertising it

I just tried this. Searches Thomman for pioneer gear priced between 500 euros and 4000 euros and blip … nothing, nada, zilch. Thomman aren’t selling pioneer dj things anymore

no, that’s right! until recently pioneer products sold them! now they don’t even have a pioneer dj product anymore, and a very strange thing, in no category of the shop! or has thomann had discussions with the brand? or do not know what the reason may be? any world store has at least one product of the pioneer dj brand, but none are strange! I just meant that!

This is not new. Thomann stopped stocking new Pioneer DJ products 3 or 4 years ago.

I read somewhere that “it had something to do with profit margins”.

It was a “business decision”.

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I know some people that distribute Pioneer and service their gear. Almost no one wants to stock up Cdjs and Djms as the money they make on the product is very poor. About 2-5% of the price goes to the shop owner. That is 50€ on a 1000€ device! They have to pay 950€ up front to make 50€?! No one is stupid… cdjs only on demand. In shop demo gear? Forget it!