This controller has gone mad

I bought a used mc6000mk2. I was very happy with the buy. Guy I got it from said he was having problems with a channel not working. sent the controller back to denon. and received it back saying there was nothing wrong with it. I have had nothing but problems. Running traktor. I cannot get the asio drivers to work for whatever reason. So when I get it to slightly work in shared mode. There is at least one channel not working. volume plays straight through and is not adjustable at all. there may be 2 channels not working. Traktor may not even see the controller at all. I have tried traktor. serato. and virtual dj. although virtual dj works the best. Not everything works in that program either. I cannot update firmware. Because the ddj updater will not find the hardware to even update it. I am at a loss. I was so excited to get this thing. Now I am ready to pitch it. Any help???

There’s a well known fault with the channel selectors at the top. Many units have dodgy ones causing the controller to “go mad”. I’ve seen 3 myself so far.

Basically replace the channel selector switch one the channel that’s not working.

So I am having issues all over the place with this thing. Just out of curiosity. Lets say you are spot on. How does replacing the channel selector fix the issues of the asio drivers not working? Or the firmware updater saying that there is no device connected? Not saying you are wrong. If I knew what the issue was. I wouldn’t be on this forum. But I also don’t want to just start replacing ■■■■ without knowing a little more about the fix.

He didn’t say it’s a single issue.

Now, regarding the asio drivers, you could start by posting the version of the driver you are using, win 10 and traktor version, etc.

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Well Let’s start with this. Windows drivers-

DenonDJMC6000MK2.inf (Win32) DenonDJMC6000MK2.sys (Win32) DenonDJMC6000MK2.inf (x64) DenonDJMC6000MK2.sys (x64) DenonDJMC6000MK2_Asio.dll 1.0.1.* (Win32) DenonDJMC6000MK2_Asio64.dll 1.0.1.* (x64) Panel.exe 1.0.2.* (Win32) IniFileManager.dll 1.0.5.* (Win32) AudioDevMon.exe 1.0.1.* (Win32) DeviceControlClient.dll 1.0.0.* (Win32) DeviceControlClient.dll 1.0.0.* (x64) DeviceControlServer.exe 1.0.0.* (Win32) DriverReplacer.exe 1.0.1.* (Win32) DriverReplacer.exe 1.0.1.* (x64)

Firmware updater is 1003_01

Ok, cool. Denon 1.0.1 it seems.

On the Denon product page I see the version is 1.0.3 so it would be good if you could test with that version since it the latest.

Unfortunately, win10 automatic updates are known to mess things up with asio drivers, that is why I asked you for your win build number.

Traktor versions are and serato was the newest free download. Whatever it was it is already gone off my computer My windows build is 19042. literally just finished updating. Going to try and hook it up with the update and the new 1.0.3. See what happens