Thinking of Purchasing the MC6000MK2

Hello and good day to all.

I have been wanting to purchase the MC6000MK2 for a while now and now I have the funds to do so.

My question is, when using Serato DJ is ITunes your only compatible software for music selection other that purchased and uploaded tracks? I have seen where Virtual DJ you can use Spotify to load music but does Serato offer this as well?

Spotify has been pulled from VDJ too.

mufasa, thank you for the reply.

So is ITunes the only compatible software?

Serato can read your iTunes library.

Either way it shouldn’t be a decider on buying it. Regardless to what controller you buy, you’d still have the same issue.

Also… VDJ will run on the MC6000Mk2 as well as Serato.

Personally I wouldn’t dream of using itunes, I’d keep all that well way from my archive.

VDJ works well with this controller, and the library management in it is second to none.

Not sure why so many people are hung up on itunes, it’s horrible software that Apple keep changing every 5 minutes or so.

Djay pro supports Spotify.


What is the problem with using itunes?