Think my 1800 has just died!

So i switched on my X1800 about ten minutes ago and it rebooted after it does the power on light show, only to reboot again continuously.

I can go into the settings on the mixer and do a factory reset but the mixer is unresponsive after that, and power cycling the unit just gives me lots of pretty leds cycling like it usually does at boot.

I am absolutely gutted!

did you do a recent firmware update? in that case a roll back or do the update again (either of them should do the job).

The X1800, like a computer runs his own OS and sometimes os’s get damaged for no apparent reason. So this is worth the try.

You may find that just powering it on with the buttons held down as you you’re about to do an update, but then, instead of going through with the update, you just wait a few seconds then power the mixer off for a few more seconds, before switching it back on.

This might not work, but it might be enough to jump the mixer out of this power on self test looping

Which Firmware Version is installed on the X1800? The latest 1.3? If not, try to install it following the steps in the installer. If it fails try again, else try a firmware downgrade and update afterwards again. Hope that helps :thinking:

It took quite a few attempts, but i eventually managed to flash 1.3 again, no idea what happened, but i think i need to change my pants now.

Incidentally, during all the flashing of the led’s i noticed that the led for crossfader b is not working.

I need to phone Denon tomorrow as i tried the warranty form again and it still won’t work for Ireland.

Thanks for sharing my brief pain there guys, well appreciated.

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