Things I'd like to see improved

In my second week of trying to create my final database for use in my Prime 4. I’ve encounteres a few problems along the way but hopefully now it’s nearly done. Here’s what I’d like to improve though.

The collection window shows crates from all connected devices in the same list. This can be really confusing. I’d like the creates for mt ‘prepared’ drive only listed in the device window and the main window just from crates from my main collection. If I have the same crate on both drives it will show 2 copies of each song, one for the prepared drive and one for the main colelction.

When I send a crate to the external ‘prepared’ drive, it is so slow, even if the crate contains one file. In the job monitor it will just say ‘packing xxx to drive’. Wh does it take so long even when the crate contains one file? What’s it actually doing? Once the copying process starts, it is quick - it will just sit there initially reading the drive for some reason.

In the latest stable version, I often have to restart the program as, when I click on a file it doesn’t highlight, unless I click in a certain palce such as the file art. Even then it won’t let me drag and drop anything. It’s as if the pointer is not calibrated correctly.

Also in the collection window some of the songs on my ‘prepared’ external drive don’t show as packed with the dot. I thougt all of the files sent to this drive are packed?

Sometimes, and to me seems quite random, if i click to analyse a track nothing happens. I chose a couple that hadn’t got the dot in the grid colum, but nothing happens at all with that dot and nothing happens in the bar at the bottom where it says it is being analysed. There appears to be a grid in the waveform though? Why can I analyse some files and not others and why doesn’t the ‘grid’ statues change?

Another question - if something happened to my main collection - corrupt, lost etc, would I be able to rebuild it from my prepared USB drive including playlist, crates etc?

Also, it appears to do a lot of ‘checking files, updating file lst and checking missing artwork’. Is there a reason why it’s always doing this?

From what I have read , Engine Prime is a lot better than it was but for me still has a way to go to be user friendly and stable.

There’s a form post to complete for suggestions, which have particular questions on it about a suggestion. After you use that form people on the forum can vote for your idea, if they like to it.

Thanks! Will do!