There is a problem connecting the SC5000 to Serato

I tried a recently updated control immediately, but there was a problem … If the SC5000M and X1800 are connected using a USB hub, Serato will go offline without permission. How can I solve this problem? I don’t know what’s wrong. help.

X1800 must be connected directly to laptop.

Assuming that you also have the necessary license

Thanks for your cooperation! Apparently the laptop’s MIDI settings weren’t right. Now it is fully synchronized and moving! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!


Isn’t there also a way to connect an x1800 and two sc5000/m to each other using their own usb3 connectors so that no Hub is needed and only one usb cable goes to the laptop ?

No boss.

The X1800 does not have a “USB hub”, just a LAN Hub which can’t be used with Serato

You can daisy chain the players though ie

SC5000 DECK 1 [USB OUT] to SC5000 DECK 2 [USB 2 or 3], then SC5000 DECK 2 [USB OUT to Laptop] = 1 USB

X1800 = 1 USB

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Yes that was it. The daisy chain thing

Hello Mufasa, hello djoga1222!

So, am i getting this right: The SC5000M is now finally fully integrable??

Yes. With serato

Assuming you have the required mixer

Thx! So still not working with traktor? No screen when in Serato (was even not connecting as a controller without any screen then). Still the same crap as last year I suppose… setup bought at local store, as mixer they suggested the xone:96. Prepared for everything i wanted to use it for - standalone setup w/o pc, working flawlessly via sync or “link” with tr-8, synth and DAWs, at least they told me so. And even today there is no hint in the specs it won’t do a single of the jobs :wink: Currency invested: 3000,-- for the players & 1500,-- for the xone:96… One should think that this results in that #1 -gamechanging-product as it is announced - in a product that does interact with ANY other equipment WE, as ARTISTS, want to use for creating. Big Disappointment, not even to mention the still buggy software which makes it even impossible to rely on playing them standalone… Very poor. Kept the xone:96 because it is a perfect match with my xone:k2 together w Ableton in a live-setup, and my other equipment as well. SC5000M both returned to dealer - when in studio I still use DJAY on Ipad with 2ch reloop controller. Absolutely Perfect sync via “Ableton LINK” directly within the App to Ableton, TR-8 and also all my other stuff fed with the “link”. Spotify and Soundcloud integrated. Connection even w WLAN/ Bluetooth. Price for this? What - in comparison - I always considered a funny toy i could always take with me and use during vacation, even on the beach? Controller 140,-- // App currently only subscription based; 39,-- per year, but perfect support if needed, as it worked as promised from the very beginning - not “in parts” (literally, and not even close to it after nearly 2 yrs on the market). Let me put this right: I do NOT want to criticise the quality concerning built of the 5000M’s chassis, and haptics - nor do I want to implement any advertisement concerning this App.

But it’s a shame. For a price like this. Companies like DENON / NI / etc not being able matching their own promises, nor wanting to fulfill all our (the client’s / customer’s) needs for bugfixes, desires and -in the end- our trust: In a “professional” product which should at least basically satisfy everyone being able and willing spending a severe amount of money.

I appologize and appreciate your patience. Just still getting really angry and very dissapointed about this behaviour.


Xone96 is not a serato mixer.

SC5000 works as an accessory with Serato - serato can’t use the sound card of the players.

You will need a DS1 or Rane SL4 to use your 96

Nothing wrong with your post or your decision to sell up. You have to do what’s right for you.

Yes I know that -by now! Thanks to the users in this place :hugs: The only thing I was complaining about: They (Denon and my local dealer) should clarify that in advance… the description doesn’t say anything about this issue. I really love those players sturdyness and the feel of it! And I don’t see why it should not be an option to make it work wth the “Link” as it is freeware for certain long time now - or any timecode sent via MIDI for usage within a live setup as real audioplayer. That’s what I was looking for and the dealer sold it to me that way…