The use of the full screen

Hi team I was wondering if we will we ever see the day where we have full use of the massive screen and have tabs running across the top just like engin prime and every other software Artist album comments rating genre



I hope that one day we will be able to further customize the display in the large display.

In the meantime, I wonder: why did you create two posts in the same section for the same topic? I also refer to this: clone post link

Also I ask myself: why did you decide that this function has already been implemented? In what firmware version? :grinning: :grimacing: :thinking: ---------->

Removed the tag. Thanks!

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Good point. I’m yet to even get the 1.6 beta patiently waiting for the official OS upgrade

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Because this is the first time I’ve ever used a forum and have no idea what I’m doing lol I’m just glad one of my posts got posted.

Although I am not to criticising the idea of making full use of the screen, I wonder if it’s been thought through as to how it could be implemented.

One consideration is, if you make one thing bigger, you have to make other things smaller. If you remove something, only something that took up that same amount and shape of space can easily be put in the remaining gap. As a crude example, just selecting “no” against an optional BPM readout will give you about 3cms x 1cm rectangle on the screen. That omit won’t be the right size or shape to allow you to make the waveform bigger for example.

I doubt this will be a quick and easy thing to change, if it can be changed at all.

If you look at the Prime 4 screen when you’re only playing two tracks in horizontal view, you’ll see how much empty space is available. Obviously when you play three or four tracks, it partially reduces the available space, but you could differentiate what you see with two tracks or with four tracks.

We can see that with the original (vertical) view the space is used almost 100% compared to the horizontal view. I almost have the impression that the vertical view had been better treated from the beginning, while the horizontal one was a bit “thrown away” just to satisfy the requests. Look closely at the horizontal view with two tracks, and then you will tell me.

What information or fields would you want on/off able?

For example, in the latest versions the artist’s name has disappeared. Then some TAGs of the track could be displayed: ratings, comments, etc.

It would be nice to have a Beat Counter (like the one in SC5000 and SC6000) in Prime 4 too: I made this request but no one rated it, so I think no one cares.

Someone talked about a “phase indicator” between the two tracks being mixed, this is also a nice feature to view.

Do you mean it for no likes/votes?

I think suggesters are going to have to come to terms with that. Some requests could well be amazing and may benefit one persons workflow to an immense level - but would an idea go through beta and testing and retesting and release and all that for one person? I think this is the real scoring that has to be considered

I meant that if my request didn’t get votes from any person, it means that the other guys think that idea is useless, otherwise it would have received votes, right?

Yes, right. Majority benefit etc